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Check your SVUSD work site bulletin board for more contact information. All SVUSD departments and schools are supposed to have a CSEA bulletin board. If your work site doesn't have one, please contact us immediately.


Executive Board

  • Jim Jarrard - President (IT)
  • Richard Rubino - 1st Vice President (IT)
  • Lynn Wood - 2nd Vice President (Wood Ranch Elementary)
  • Karen Linn - Secretary - (Santa Susana Elementary School)
  • Jose Posada- Treasurer (Simi Institute for Careers & Education)
  • Elise Hartman - Chief Union Steward (Valley View Middle School)
  • Barbara Jarrard- CPRO (Sinaloa Middle School)
  • Karen Hewitt - Member at Large (Hillside Middle School)
  • Kathy Birdt - Member at Large (Apollo Continuation)
  • Scott Berns - Member at Large (IT)

Union Stewards

  • Elise Hartman - Chief Union Steward
  • Kathy Birdt (Apollo Continuation)
  • Edie Gibson (White Oak Elementary)
  • Elise Hartman (Valley View Middle School)
  • Karen Hewitt (Hillside Middle School)
  • Kim Holden (Wood Ranch Elementary)
  • Barbara Jarrard (Sinaloa Middle School)
  • Jim Jarrard (IT)
  • Mischelle Ray (IT)
  • Richard Rubino (IT)
  • Contact information is available at or e-mail: